Montauk Trout Hatchery
Montauk State Park Fishing & Trout Hatchery


The premier attraction to Montauk State Park is its trout fishing, and the Current River offers both rainbow and brown trout fishing. With the park being located at the spring-fed headwaters of the Current River, the water is pristine, and the surrounding environment makes for excellent fishing. Trout season is open from March 1st thru October 31st, and special catch-and-release programs are available during the off-season. State fishing license and daily trout tags are required.

Many anglers have been successful using all different types of baits and flies. Some of the more popular include Powerbait, live bait, glow balls, crappie rigs, rooster tails, white jigs, orange power ball, white flies, and yellow Cleo's. Access to the river is throughout the park, so finding an uncrowded fishing spot isn't too hard.

Trout Hatchery

Located near the old mill, the hatchery began operation in 1932, with other buildings added later. Trout eggs are taken once a year by hand, during spawning season, which is during October, November, and December. The eggs are fertilized, placed into jars, and kept in an incubator room, where fresh spring water flows over them during incubation. The eggs will hatch in 21 days in 56 degree water. Due to a large sack around the fish when first hatched, they are called "sack fry", and cannot swim yet. They lay on the bottom for about 10 days, and feed off of nutrients stored in the sacks. After they start feeding, they are placed in troughs, and fed 10 times a day. After they are 4 inches long, they are fed twice a day. Only trout that are 10 inches or longer are released into the streams for anglers to pursue. Trout are stocked into the streams each night after the "stop fishing" siren has sounded. This gives the trout time to get accustomed to the stream before the next day's fishing. Trout will grow to 12 inches in about 15 months.

The Missouri Department of Conservation manages and operates the trout hatchery, and offers tours as well. For a schedule of available tours, please contact the hatchery personnel at (573) 548-2585.