Mark Twain National Forest Springs

The Ozarks is known for having numerous springs, and many are located within the Mark Twain National Forest. Several of the larger springs are also first magnitude springs, meaning that they discharge at least 100 cubic feet of water every second, on average. Greer Spring, located on the Eleven Point RD of the MTNF, is considered to be the second largest spring in the Ozarks, with an average flow of 360 cfs. The amount of water from this spring actually doubles the size of the Eleven Point National Scenic River as it flows into it.

Of course, every spring offers a scenic backdrop, and all should be on your list of places to visit!

Currently, there are so many more springs within the Mark Twain National Forest than I have had time to photograph, gather information for, and list here. As soon as new information becomes available, and I am able to gather pictures, I will post them here.


  1. Blue Spring
  2. Boiling Spring
  3. Boze Mill Spring
  4. Falling Spring
  5. Greer Spring
  6. Morgan Spring
  7. North Fork Spring
  8. Tucker Bay Spring
  9. Turner Mill Spring
  10. Watercress Spring