Swimming Holes

For generations, swimming holes, creeks, and lakes have cooled folks off in the Ozarks who are looking for a break from the summer heat. Many refreshing and scenic spots await your discovery, from a quiet cove found on the lake, to "jumping off" spots along the spring-fed rivers and streams. Just be sure to wear that bathing suit, or wait until nightfall to skinny-dip!

With the abundance of major lakes that dot the Ozarks and Ouachitas, and each one offering popular, sometimes overcrowded, swimming areas, I have omitted most of these areas, and instead have included smaller, lesser known swimming holes. While some of these may be a little remote, they usually are not too crowded, and sometimes you may even have the swimming hole all to yourself!

*Currently, there are so many more swimming holes within the Ozarks and Ouachitas than I have had time to photograph, gather information for, and list here. As soon as new information becomes available, and I am able to gather pictures, I will post those new swimming holes here.*

If you own or manage a business or service near a swimming hole, and would like to advertise here, please contact me at advertising@exploretheozarksonline.com

Swimming Holes

  1. Alley Spring Campground
  2. Baptist Camp
  3. Barkshed Campground
  4. Bayou Bluff
  5. Big Hole/Blue Hole
  6. Big Spring, Cotter
  7. Big Spring Hole
  8. Big Tree
  9. Blanchard Springs Rec Area (2)
  10. Blue Spring, Jacks Fork R.
  11. Blue Spring Hole, Current R.
  12. Bluff View
  13. Boiling Spring Hole, Big Piney R.
  14. Bradley Park, Jasper
  15. Buck Hollow
  16. Buffalo Point
  17. Castor River Shut-Ins
  18. Council Bluff Lake
  19. Cove Lake
  20. Cove Spring Hole
  21. Crane Lake
  22. Dabbs Greer/Town Hole
  23. Dillards Ferry
  24. Dog's Bluff
  25. Erbie Campground
  26. Falling Water Falls
  27. Fishtrap
  28. Ft. Douglas/Hwy 123
  29. Gilbert
  30. Goat Bluff
  31. Gooseneck
  32. Gunner Pool Campground
  33. Hasty Campground
  34. Hooten Town
  35. Horsehead Lake
  36. Johnson's Shut-Ins
  37. Kings River Falls
  38. Lake Boutin, Trail of Tears SP
  39. Lake Leatherwood
  40. Lake Niangua
  41. Lake Wedington
  42. Lee Creek, Hwy 220 Bridge
  43. Log Yard
  44. Loggers Lake
  45. Longpool Campground
  46. Love-Hensley Hole
  47. Marble Creek
  48. McCormack Lake
  49. Mt. Hersey
  50. Mouth of Calf Creek
  51. Mouth of Cane Branch
  52. Mouth of Cave Creek
  53. Mouth of Graves Creek
  54. Mouth of Roubidoux Creek
  55. Mouth of Shawnee Creek
  56. Mouth of Wells Creek
  57. Noblett Lake
  58. Ozark Campground
  59. Pearly Spring Hole
  60. Ponca Low Water Bridge
  61. Powder Mill
  62. Pruitt (2)
  63. Redding Campground
  64. Richland Creek Campground
  65. Riddle Bridge
  66. Riverton Access
  67. Robertson Hole (Woolum Access)
  68. Rocky Falls
  69. Rush
  70. Shelvin Rock
  71. Shine Eye
  72. Shores Lake
  73. Slabtown
  74. Slot Rock
  75. Spring Lake
  76. Swinging Bridges
  77. Troy Eddings Hole
  78. Tunnel Dam Bypass Access
  79. Tunnel Dam Low Water Bridge
  80. Two Rivers
  81. Tyler Bend
  82. Watercress
  83. Whiteley Hole
  84. Wolf Pen Campground