Mark Twain National Forest Swimming Holes

If you are looking for a few good swimming holes, the Mark Twain NF has some nice spots to offer. While a few are located along cool, spring fed rivers, most are on beautiful and secluded small lakes within the National Forest. Most of these swimming areas are also located at or near camping areas and trails, so you can spend the whole weekend full of activities enjoying the forest. And, when it is time to cool off for the evening, you are not too far from that refreshing dip in the water!

Currently, there are so many more swimming holes within the Mark Twain National Forest than I have had time to photograph, gather information for, and list here. As soon as new information becomes available, and I am able to gather pictures, I will post them here.

Click on each swimming hole for more info

  1. Council Bluff Lake
  2. Crane Lake
  3. Loggers Lake
  4. McCormack Lake
  5. Riverton
  6. Slabtown
  7. Watercress