Ava Ranger District

The Basics

Poplar Bluff Ranger District
1420 Maud Street
Poplar Bluff, MO 63901

Phone: (573) 785-1475
Fax: (573) 785-0267

About the Poplar Bluff Ranger District

Offering nearly 150,00 acres of fun and recreation, the Poplar Bluff Ranger District of the Mark Twain NF is located in southeastern Missouri, near the town of Poplar Bluff. This section of National Forest sits along the eastern edge of the Ozarks, where the uplands forests meet the Mississippi River lowlands. The Black River, which generally flows along this eastern border, passes through the forest.

The Poplar Bluff RD offer two developed areas, Markham Springs and Pinewoods Lake, as well as many opportunites for hiking and equestrian trails, fishing, boating, and floating.

The Victory and Wappapello Sections of the Ozark Trail pass through this section of the National Forest, and offer miles of trail for hiking, backpacking and horseback riding.

*Currently, there are so many more features and areas within the Poplar Bluff RD than I have had time to photograph, gather information for, and list here. As soon as new information become available, and I am able to gather pictures, I will post those new areas and features here.*

Features & Facilities


  1. Markham Springs Recreation Area

  2. Trails

  3. Pinewoods Lake Trail

  4. Springs

  5. Markham Springs

  6. Other Areas

  7. Pinewoods Lake Recreation Area