Pomme de Terre State Park Swim Beach
Pomme de Terre State Park Marina, Rentals & Fishing

Marina & Fishing

With hundreds of small, narrow coves to explore, Pomme de Terre Lake is a fisherman's paradise for catching bass, walleye, crappie, and catfish. Boat launches are located at both the Hermatige and Pittsburg sides of the park, and the Pittsburg side also has a state park marina. The marina sells live bait, tackel, and other fishing supplies, as well as fishing licenses. They also have boat rentals and sell gasoline too. The marina also has a small store with other personal items, supplies, snacks, drinks, and a small restaurant.

One of the more popular fish the lake is well known for is muskellunge. Muskies have been stocked in the lake since 1966, and many 36-inch one have been taken from the lake. 48-inch muskies are rare, but have been caught before. The limit on muskies is 36 inches, one per day.


Two swimming beaches can be found in the park, one at each side of the park. The Hermatige side offers a showerhouse, paved surface parking, vending machines, and a small naturalists office nearby. The Pittsburg side offers a change house and playground. Both sides have picnic sites nearby.