Heavener Runestone State Park

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Heavener Runestone Park

The Basics

Heavener Runestone Park
18365 Runestone Rd
Heavener, OK 74937

Phone: (918) 653-2241

Directions: From Heavener: From the intersection of US Hwy 59 and Avenue "C" head east, following the signs thru town to the park.

About Heavener Runestone

A day-use only park, Heavener Runestone Park sits upon the side of Poteau Mountain, overlooking the town of Heavener and areas to the west. There are beautiful views from atop the cliff side at the park, both of the town down below, and Lake Wister a little further west.

The main feature and attraction of the park is a giant slab of rock located in a little protected ravine. The rock has inscription/carvings on it, and some believe that these inscriptions were possibly made by the Vikings, well before Columbus descovered America. The inscriptions are called runes, hence the rock is called a runestone. Some even believe that the rune letters are of Scandanavian alphabet origin, possibly put here by wandering pre-Columbian Norsemen. Those who believe that the Vikings could have made the inscriptions believe that they could have sailed around the continent into the Gulf of Mexico, sailing up the Mississippi river, exploring tributaries including the Arkansas River, and eventually making their way into the valley region below Poteau Mountain.

Others still believe that the inscriptions are nothing more than 19th or early 20th century in origin. But, whoever made these markings, it must have taken some time, as they are not just surface scratches in the rock, and the rock itself is very hard and resistant to weathering. Whoever you chose to believe made these markings, the park is still worth a visit, both for the mystery of the runes, and, of course, the scenery.

This park was formerly Heavener Runestone State Park

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