Forked Mountain

The Basics

Forked Mountain
Flatside Wilderness
Ouachita National Forest

Phone: (501) 984-5313 (Jessieville District Office)

Closest Towns: Jessieville, Ola, Perryville, Plainview

Directions: From the Jessieville Ranger Office, head North on AR Scenic Highway 7 for about 13 miles, just past the South Fourche Campground, and Turn Right onto FR#86/CR#39. Follow this gravel road East for approx. 4.7 miles, then Turn Right onto FR#793, heading South. Go approx. 0.9 miles down this road, crossing the creek twice, and park at the closed gate marking the Wilderness Area boundary. DO NOT block the gate.

About Forked Mountain

Sitting on the extreme northwest border of the Flatside Wilderness, Forked Mountain rises to an elevation of 1,350 feet, almost 1,000 feet above the surrounding area. Hiking to the top is possible, but can be a very strenuous scramble over large boulders with some steep sections. Those that do make it to the top are rewarded with spectacular views of the surrounding Wilderness Area and National Forest.

Two scenic waterfalls are located in the shadow of Forked Mountain, Forked Mountain Falls and Twist Cascade.

Ancient legend tells of a Romeo & Juliet style story between two young Native Americans who's love for each other was forbidden, and in the end created Forked Mountain. The story goes that a Quapaw maiden from the south and an Osage warrior from the north fell in love with each other, but the maiden's father did not like them together. One night, they fled until they came to a mountain. They climbed the mountain together to hide among the rocks and trees. Her father was able to track them down the next day, and vowed to separate them forever. He called upon the great spirit to separate them with a bolt of lightning, which separated the mountain into two peaks at its summit. The young lovers disappeared, but their spirits remained on the peaks, the maiden's spirit on one peak and the warrior's spirit on the other peak, forever joined at the base of the mountain.

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