Powhatan Historic State Park

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Powhatan Historic State Park

The Basics

Powhatan Historic State Park
P.O. Box 93
Powhatan, AR 72458

Phone: (870) 878-6765
Email: powhatan@arkansas.com

Directions: Located on Ark. Hwy 25 in Powhatan

About Historic Powhatan

During the late 1800s, Powhatan was a busy river port town on the Black River in Northeast Arkansas. It served as the shipping point for a large area of the south. This state park serves to preserve the history and heritage of Powhatan, as well as other river front towns like it from that era.

Many historic buildings are located within the park, including a two-story courthouse built in the 1880s. The courthouse burned in 1888, and has since been historicaly restored to the architect's original plans. In 2005, a dramatic interior restoration of the courthouse was done, based on historical documents, research, and even paint analysis.

Other historic buildings of note include the 1873 Powhatan jail, 1840s Ficklin-Imboden log house, 1888 telephone exchange building, and the 1890 Powhatan Male and Female Academy, a two-room schoolhouse. All historic buildings are located on their original foundations, and are on the National Register of Historic Places.

New exhibits have recently been added to the museum, telling about the way of life in this shipping town. Exhibits focus on the commerce, politics, and everyday lives of local individuals that helped shape Northern Arkansas.

Features & Facilities

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