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Oklahoma Ozarks Hiking Trails

Well, what can I say about trails in the Ozarks of Oklahoma? There really just aren't all that many. This area of the Ozarks is abundant with lakes, and fishing is the dominant sport. But, there are still a few trails worth checking out.

One of these trails is the Dripping Springs Trail located at Natural Falls State Park, just west of Siloam Springs. While the trail isn't very long (only ½ mile), it does lead to the beautiful Dripping Springs Falls.

Another great trail located in the Oklahoma Ozarks is the Ankle Express Trail, located along Greenleaf Lake. The 18 mile long trail was designed for backpackers, but it has become popular with mountain bikers as well.

**In an effort to keep the list of hiking trails manageable and more easily navagable, only those trails of 2 miles in length or longer are listed here. A few exceptions are those shorter trails having very specific, unique characteristics, or belonging to a network or system of trails totaling 2 miles in length or more. Many shorter trails are still available on state park and wildlife management lands, and are covered on their respective pages. I encourage you to hike these trails as well, and explore what they too have to offer.**

*Currently, there are so many more trails within the Ozarks and Ouachitas than I have had time to photograph, gather information for, and list here. As soon as new information becomes available, and I am able to either gather pictures or create a map, I will post those new trails here.*

Trail Length  Difficulty  Location Region Type
Ankle Express Trail Go 018 miles Moderate - Strenuous Greenleaf State Park Oklahoma Ozarks Backpack, Hike, Mtn Bike
Dripping Springs
Trail Go
0.5 mile Easy Natural Falls State Park Oklahoma Ozarks Hike