As you take in all the natural wonders the Ozarks and Ouachita Mountains has to offer, there is one feature you may have overlooked. Right beneath your feet, there very well could be a cave. The unique geology of the Ozarks has given this region thousands of caves; in fact, Missouri now has over 6,000 documented caves alone, second only to Tennessee. Many caves in the Ozarks are available to tour as show caves. From gigantic, 300 foot tall rooms, to a cave that offers ride-thru tours, an underground to be explored awaits.

Currently, I have not been able to gather enough information yet on all of the many wild caves and show caves found in the Ozarks and Ouachitas. As more information on them becomes available, I will list them here.

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Show Caves

  1. Blanchard Springs Caverns
  2. Bluff Dwellers Cavern
  3. Bridal Cave
  4. Bull Shoals Caverns
  5. Cathedral Cave
  6. Cosmic Cavern
  7. Crystal Cave (Springfield, MO) - CLOSED
  8. Crystal Dome Caverns
  9. Current River Cavern
  10. Fantastic Caverns
  11. Fantasy World Caverns
  12. Fisher Cave
  13. Hurricane River Cave
  14. Jacob's Cave
  15. Marvel Cave
  16. Meramec Caverns
  17. Mystic Caverns
  18. Old Spanish Treasure Cave
  19. Onondaga Cave
  20. Onyx Cave
  21. Onyx Mountain Caverns (Newburg, MO) - CLOSED
  22. Ozark Caverns
  23. Round Spring Caverns
  24. Smallin Civil War Cave
  25. Talking Rocks Cavern
  26. War Eagle Cavern

Natural/Wild Caves

  1. Cave Mountain Cave
    (Boxley Valley, Buffalo NR)
  2. Cave Spring Cave
    (Current River, Ozark NSR)
  3. Cobb Cave
    (Lost Valley, Buffalo NR)
  4. Devils Well
    (Ozark NSR)
  5. Doling Park [Giboney] Cave
    (Doling Park, Springfield, Greene Co., MO)
  6. Eden Cave
    (Lost Valley, Buffalo NR)
  7. Fitton/Beauty Cave
    (Buffalo NR)
  8. Indian Rockhouse Cave
    (Buffalo Point, Buffalo NR)
  9. Jam Up Cave
    (Jacks Fork River, Ozark NSR)
  10. Little Smittle Cave
    (Fuson Conservation Area, Wright Co., MO)
  11. Lowell Cave
    (Fuson Conservation Area, Wright Co., MO)
  12. Medlock Cave
    (Current River, Ozark NSR)
  13. Meeting House Cave
    (Current River, Ozark NSR)
  14. Merrit Rock [Little Gem] Cave
    (Current River, Ozark NSR)
  15. Riverbluff Cave
    (Springfield, Greene Co., MO)
  16. Robbers Cave
    (Robbers Cave SP)
  17. Rock House Cave
    (Petit Jean SP)
  18. Sequiota Park Cave
    (Sequiota Park, Springfield, Greene Co., MO)
  19. Smittle Cave
    (Fuson Conservation Area, Wright Co., MO)
  20. Turner Mill Spring Cave
    (Eleven Point NSR, Mark Twain NF)
  21. Wallace Well
    (Ozark NSR)
  22. Whites Creek Cave
    (Eleven Point NSR, Mark Twain NF)


  1. Beckham Creek Cave Lodge
  2. Bonne Terre Mine
  3. Garden of Dreams Weddings at Honey Branch Cave
  4. The Cave Restaurant & Resort