Lake of the Ozarks State Park
Ozark Caverns

Explore what lies beneath your feet, with a visit to Ozark Caverns, located within, and underneath, Lake of the Ozarks State Park. Visitors to the caverns will see spectacular formations, such as stalagmites, stalagtites, helictites, soda straws, and so many more. Bats, cave salamanders, and other cave dwelling creatures can also be seen along the tours. A small stream flows through the cave, exiting at the mouth, and forming a fen in front of the cave. A fen is a shallow, wet area of land that is home to unique plants and animals that thrive in the moist environment.

Traditional, children's, and speleological tours are given throughout the cave, all requiring the use of hand-held lanterns, as the cave does not offer electricity or lights, to preserve its natural beauty. The children's tour is designed for kids five and older, and explores the cave on a basic level. The traditional tour gives more knowledgeable but still general information about the cave, and whatever other questions visitors may have. The speleological tours offer a more in depth look at some the various aspects of the cave system. All tours feature a look at Angel Showers, a unique, never-ending stream of water that seems to come straight out of the solid cave roof.

There is also much to see above the surface as well. The Coakley Hollow Trail begins and ends at the caverns parking lot, and is a one mile self-guided trail, that crosses different habitats around and near the cave, including a natural fen, glade, and spring.