Devil's Den State Park Caves
Devil's Den State Park Caves & Crevices

Located along the Devil's Den Trail, the two highlights of the park for which it is named, are the Devil's Den and the Devil's Icebox. These two fracture caves are truly worth the visit. At 550 feet long, the Devil's Den cave is the longest cave in the park. This cave can be self-explored (flashlight required), or visitors can participate in a strenuous guided cave exploration hike, offered once a week during the summer.

Located on the west side of the park, Farmers Cave is a relatively small, gated limestone cave. Visitors interested in exploring this cave must meet set guidelines in order to obtain a free first-come, first-served permit at the visitor center.

With the presence of both limestone and sandstone caves at the same park, Devil's Den State Park offers a unique caving experience found nowhere else.