Mark Twain National Forest Trails

Hundreds of miles of trails for hikers, mountain bikers, horseback riders and offroad enthusiasts await you in the back country of the Mark Twain National Forest. Each ranger district has its own unique geography, scenery and challenges, giving the trails on each district a different experience from trails found on the other districts.

In the western districts, you will find an abundance of deer and turkey along the trails, plus spectacular views of the White River valley from atop the open glades that makes this region so unique. In the southern and eastern districts, you will find plenty of large, deep blue springs, along with the cool, clear waters of the streams and rivers that they feed. As you get more north in the eastern districts, the rugged St. Francois Mountains dominate the landscape, and make for some truly wonderful hiking experiences, especially thru the different shut-ins the rivers have to offer. Just make sure you have time to visit them all, because each one will leave you wanting to see more!

Also passing through the Mark Twain National Forest, you will find the Ozark Trail, a long distance trail spanning from near St. Louis south towards the Arkansas state line, passing through the St. Francois Mountains and numerous Mark Twain NF Districts. Over 350 miles of the trail have been completed so far, with more miles being added each year, largely by volunteers.

Currently, there are so many more trails within the Mark Twain National Forest than I have had time to photograph, gather information for, and list here. As soon as new information becomes available, and I am able to either gather pictures or create a map, I will post those new trails here.

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  1. Bell Mountain Wilderness Area Trails
  2. Berryman Trail
  3. Big Piney Trail
  4. Chadwick Motorcycle & ATV Use Area
  5. Council Bluff Lake Loop
  6. Crane Lake Loop
  7. Devil's Backbone Wilderness Area Trails
  8. Greer Spring Trail
  9. Hercules Glades Wilderness Area Trails
  10. John J. Audubon Trail
  11. Kaintuck Hollow Trail
  12. Loggers Lake Loop
  13. Pinewoods Lake Trail
  14. Piney Creek Wilderness Area Trails
  15. Racoon Hollow Trails
  16. Red Bluff Trail
  17. Ridge Runner Trail
  18. Rock Pile Mountain Wilderness Area Trails
  19. Silver Mines-Millstream Gardens Trail
  20. Sutton Bluff Motorcycle & ATV Use Area
  21. Whites Creek Trail