National Wild & Scenic Rivers

"The National Wild & Scenic River System was created by Congress in 1968 as an act to preserve certain rivers with outstanding natural, cultural, and recreational values in a free-flowing condition for the enjoyment of present and future generations." This system is recignized for protecting the unique character of these rivers, as well as recognizing their potential for appropriate recreational use.

A National Wild & Scenic River may include an entire river, or only a portion of the river. Some tributaries may be protected as well. As a general rule, the designated boundaries generally average ¼-mile on eother side of the river for proper protection of the river's natural state and habitat. To learn more about the National Wild & Scenic River System, please visit

Below, you will find a list of several rivers/segements that are protected under the National Wild & Scenic River System here in the Ozarks and Ouachitas. Most of these are located within the National Forests, which offers even more protection.

* Please note that while a river or section of river may be designated Wild and/or Scenic, protection is provided through voluntary stewardship by landowners and river users, and through federal, state or local regulations and programs. Along most of these rivers, not all land within the designated boundaries is, nor necessarily will be, pubically owned. Please be aware of and respect private property rights. *

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  1. Big Piney Creek
  2. Buffalo River
  3. Cossatot River
  4. Eleven Point River
  5. Hurricane Creek
  6. Little Missouri River
  7. Mulberry River
  8. North Sylamore Creek
  9. Richland Creek