Fourche Mountain Walk-In Turkey Hunting Area

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Fourche Mountain Walk-In Turkey Hunting Area

Phone: (479) 495-2844 (Fourche District Office)

Brochure: Fourche Mountain Walk-In Turkey Hunting Area
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Closest Towns: Belleville, Danville, Plainview, Story

Directions: Fourche Mtn Turkey Hunting Area is located approx. 15 miles South of Danville on AR Hwy 27.

About Fourche Mtn Hunting Area

It's hard to imagine the perfect turkey hunt and not have that setting be in the Ozarks or Ouachitas. The remoteness of these areas and their dense oak/hickory forests, along with abundant water sources, provide an ideal habitat for healthy numbers of turkeys. The only problem is, many people know this fact about the Ozark and Ouachita Mountains, and it can sometimes be difficult to find an area to hunt in that is not too overcrowded.

Thankfully, the Ouachita National Forest offers hunters 11 walk-in turkey hunting areas, plus an additional 6 wilderness areas as well. Although wilderness areas are never open to motorized traffic, most of the rest of the National Forest is. That is why the USDA Forest Service has teamed up with the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission and the Arkansas Wild Turkey Federation to set aside areas of the National Forest that are closed to vehicle traffic during turkey hunting seasons, providing hunters with the solitude they need for a successful hunt without unnecessary interuptions.

Most of these walk-in turkey hunting areas have a few roads that allow access into the interior, but the roads are typically closed from early spring through late summer, except for foot traffic only. This not only ensures hunters a better quality hunting experience, but it also helps protect the turkeys as well from overuse of these areas by vehicular and all-terrain use, especially during the critical nesting and rearing seasons of the turkeys.

Fourche Mountain Walk-In Turkey Hunting Area

Fourche Mtn Hunting Area offers 3,100 acres of beautiful turkey hunting habitat on the northern edge of the Ouachita Mountains in Yell County, Arkansas. This area sits right off of AR Hwy 27, and can be accessed from the Fourche Mountain Campground, which borders the hunting area's west side.. Moore Creek and its many small tributaries drain this remote area, and helps provide quality habitat for the turkeys.

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