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Dick Murray Falls

The Basics

  • Height: 37'
  • GPS: N35 44.597, W93 48.464
  • USGS Quad: Cass
  • Distance: ½ mile One-Way
  • Difficulty: Moderate Bushwack
  • Location: Ozark National Forest
  • Ranger District: Pleasant Hill
  • Region: Arkansas Ozarks & Boston Mountains

Details & Directions

Deep down in the headwaters of the Mountain Fork Creek drainage, lies two wonderful waterfalls located almost right next to each other, and they are really spectacular when the water is high; Murray Falls and Senyard Falls. These two falls are located off of the Pig Trail Scenic Byway (Arkansas Highway 23), and are accessed from the Cherry Bend Trailhead Access for the Ozark Highlands Trail.

The Cherry Bend Trailhead is located on Arkansas Highway 23 between Cass and Brashears. From I-40, take exit 35 near Ozark, and head NORTH on Hwy 23. Go approx. 5 miles NORTH past the junction of Hwy 215 at Cass, and TURN RIGHT into the Cherry Bend Access. Look for a sign as you get close.
Or, from the junction of Hwy 23 and Hwy 16 at Brashears (a few miles south of St. Paul), head SOUTH on Hwy 23 for approx. 5.5 miles, and TURN LEFT into the parking area.

The spur trail that connects to the Ozark Highlands Trail goes across the road, but the path we want to follow takes off behind the bulletin board and registration box. You will pass by two small tent camping pads (may be overgrown), then come to the edge of a small bluff. TURN RIGHT and follow the path steeply downhill. This user-created trail, if it has not become too overgrown, will descend very sharply down to the bottom of the drainage. About halfway down the hillside, you may see another path that takes off to the right; if so, TURN RIGHT and follow this path the rest of the way to the falls area. If not, just continue downhill the best way that you can untill you reach the bottom, then follow the creek DOWNSTREAM until you reach the top of Murray Falls.

If the creek is not too high, and you can safely get across, you can work your way around to the top of Senyard Falls. There is a beautiful cascade just above Senyard Falls. Just past Senyard Falls, you can find a way down into the bottom to visit the base of both falls. During leaf-off season, you can even see Murray Falls from Senyard Falls.

To return back to the parking area, just head back up and out the same way that you came down. Be sure to rest up for the steep climb out!