Sylamore Ranger District

The Basics

Sylamore Ranger District
1001 East Main
Mountain View, AR 72560

Phone: (870) 269-3228

About the Sylamore Ranger District

Although the Sylamore Ranger District is seperate from the main section of Ozark National Forest, it is still as much a part of the Forest as the other ranger districts, and just as much a part of the Ozarks as well. The Sylamore District is located along the Lower Buffalo River Watershed, and offers so much scenic beauty. The area is also rich in karst topography, much like that of the Missouri Ozarks not too far to the north, and holds numerous caves, springs and waterfalls.

One prime example of the karst topography that the Ozarks is famous for is Blanchard Springs Caverns. Located near Mountain View, these caverns, as well as the spring, are some of the most spectacular and well protected in all the country, and is the only tour cave operated by the National Forest in the Ozarks.

Other popular attractions include the Syllamo Mountain Bike Trail, Ozark Highlands Trail, Sylamore Scenic Byway, Tassel Spring, and Little Glory Hole Falls. Bordered by the Buffalo River, the Leatherwood Wilderness offers numerous other waterfalls, scenic hollows, and many miles of remote forest to explore.

Forming generally the eastern and western boundaries of the district, the Buffalo and White Rivers add to the scenic beauty and opportunities for recreation, including floating, fishing and so much more. The wooded hillsides and hollows, scenic viewpoints, clear streams and springs, spring wildflowers, abundant wildlife, fall colors, and towering bluffs are what make this area so beautiful and unique.

*Currently, there are so many more features and areas within the Boston Mountain RD than I have had time to photograph, gather information for, and list here. As soon as new information become available, and I am able to gather pictures, I will post those new areas and features here.*

Features & Facilities


  1. Barkshed Campground
  2. Blanchard Springs Campground
  3. Gunner Pool Campground

  4. Trails

  5. North Sylamore Creek Trail
  6. Ozark Highlands Trail
  7. Syllamo Mountain Bike Trail

  8. Swimming Holes

  9. Barkshed Campground
  10. Blanchard Springs Rec Area (2)
  11. Gunner Pool Campground

  12. Waterfalls

  13. Bumpers Falls (2)
  14. Cathedral Falls
  15. China Falls
  16. Cougar Falls
  17. Crosscut Falls
  18. Dewey Canyon Falls
  19. Funnel Falls (2)
  20. Helen's Pouroff
  21. Heuston Falls
  22. Little Glory Hole
  23. Steele Falls
  24. Tassel Spring Falls
  25. Three Springs Falls (2)
  26. Woodsman Pouroff

  27. Springs

  28. Blanchard Springs
  29. Tassel Spring

  30. Caves

  31. Blanchard Springs Caverns

  32. Wilderness Areas

  33. Leatherwood Wilderness Area

  34. Other Areas

  35. Sylamore Shooting Range