Boston Mountain Ranger District

The Basics

Boston Mountain Ranger District
P.O. Box 76
Highway 23 North
Ozark, AR 72949

Phone: (479) 667-2191

About the Boston Mountain Ranger District

Located in the heart of the Boston Mountains, this ranger district is located on the western end of the Ozark National Forest, and offers rugged beauty and scenic views around every corner. Campsites, waterfalls, trails, swimming holes, scenic vistas and historic sites are just a few of the attractions that make up this wonderful section of the forest.

The Boston Mountain RD offers three developed camping areas, including White Rock Mountain, which also offers historic cabins atop the mountain, and one of the most beautiful sunset views in all the Ozarks.

If you like water, plenty of waterfalls, rivers, lakes and swimming holes will keep you busy, including Natural Dam, Lake Wedington or Devils Canyon.

If hiking is your preference, many miles of trail will keep you busy for a long time, including the Shores Lake-White Rock Loop or the 165-mile Ozark Highlands Trail. For the more action hungry, try the Mill Creek ATV Trail System.

While you are in the area, don't forget to check out Lake Ft. Smith State Park and Devil's Den State Park, which border the Ozark National Forest.

*Currently, there are so many more features and areas within the Boston Mountain RD than I have had time to photograph, gather information for, and list here. As soon as new information become available, and I am able to gather pictures, I will post those new areas and features here.*

Features & Facilities


  1. Lake Wedington Campground
  2. Shores Lake Campground
  3. White Rock Campground

  4. Trails

  5. Butterfield Loop Trail
  6. Mill Creek Trail System
  7. Ozark Highlands Trail
  8. Shores Lake/White Rock Loop
  9. White Rock Rim Loop

  10. Swimming Holes

  11. Lake Wedington
  12. Lee Creek, Hwy 220 Bridge
  13. Shores Lake

  14. Waterfalls

  15. Devils Canyon Falls (2)
  16. Dockery Gap Falls
  17. Jack White Falls
  18. Natural Dam
  19. Phipps Branch Falls
  20. Rattlesnake Falls
  21. Robinson Falls (2)
  22. Spirits Creek Falls
  23. Train Trestle Falls
  24. White Rock Creek Cascade
  25. White Rock Creek Falls

  26. Offroad/ATV Areas

  27. Mill Creek Trail System