Eleven Point Ranger District

The Basics

Eleven Point Ranger District
#4 Confederate Ridge Road
Doniphan, MO 63935

Phone: (573) 996-2153
Fax: (573) 996-7745

About the Eleven Point Ranger District

Located in Southeast Missouri, the Eleven Point Ranger District takes its name from the Eleven Point River, a designated National Scenic River in 1968, which flows through much of the forest. As the main attraction of this part of the Mark Twain National Forest, the Eleven Point River offers many outdoor activities, including floating, swimming, fishing, camping, hiking, picnicking, and so much more. While floating the river, camping is allowed on gravel bars, or in one of seven primitive campgrounds, or float camps, accessible only from the river. Floating the river offers spectacular scenery and views of rocky bluffs, springs, historic sites, unique vegetation, bird waching, and wildlife viewing. Of course, fishing is always great in the Eleven Point River.

Elsewhere in the Eleven Point Ranger District, you will find six developed campgrounds, many near popular attractions like rivers, trails, & springs. One such attraction is Greer Spring, which is the second largest spring in Missouri, and the largest spring on National Forest land. As its waters empty into the Eleven Point River just over a mile away, Greer Spring nearly doubles the size of the river.

Numerous miles of developed trails are open to hiking, backpacking, mountain biking and/or horseback riding, including several sections of the Ozark Trail. Other trails include the McCormack-Greer Trail, Greer Spring Trail, and the Whites Creek Trail, which travels through the Irish Wilderness.

*Currently, there are so many more features and areas within the Eleven Point RD than I have had time to photograph, gather information for, and list here. As soon as new information become available, and I am able to gather pictures, I will post those new areas and features here.*

Features & Facilities


  1. Dear Leap Recreation Area
  2. Float Camp Recreation Area
  3. Fourche Lake Recreation Area
  4. Greer Crossing Recreation Area
  5. McCormack Lake Recreation Area
  6. Watercress Recreation Area

  7. Trails

  8. Greer Spring Trail
  9. Loggers Lake Trail
  10. McCormack-Greer Trail
  11. Songbird Trail
  12. Whites Creek Trail

  13. Swimming Holes

  14. McCormack Lake Rec Area
  15. Riverton Access
  16. Watercress Rec Area

  17. Waterfalls

  18. Coward's Hollow Falls
  19. Falling Spring Falls

  20. Springs

  21. Blue Spring
  22. Boze Mill Spring
  23. Falling Spring
  24. Greer Spring
  25. Morgan Spring
  26. Tucker Bay Spring
  27. Turner Mill Spring
  28. Watercress Spring

  29. Historic Sites

  30. Boze Mill
  31. Falling Spring Mill
  32. Turner Mill

  33. Wilderness Areas

  34. Irish Wilderness

  35. Other

  36. Coward's Hollow Natural Area
  37. Cuploa Gum Pond Natural Area
  38. Eleven Point National Scenic River
  39. Ripley Lake Recreation Area
  40. Skyline Scenic Drive