Big Piney Ranger District

The Basics

Big Piney Ranger District
12000 State Route 27
Hector, AR 72843

Phone: (479) 284-3150

About the Big Piney Ranger District

The largest district within the Ozark National Forest, Big Piney offers so many opportunities to see the forest and explore the Ozarks. Numerous campsites, hundreds of miles of trails, swimming holes and countless waterfalls are what make this district so unique and special.

Big Piney offers six developed campgrounds, including two right next to a waterfall - Haw Creek Falls and Longpool. Fairview campground offers a welcome resting stop along the Ozark Highlands Trail, and Richland Creek Campground borders of the most beautiful wilderness areas in the entire Ozarks or Ouachitas.

Numerous spectacular waterfalls are tucked into quiet hollows and valleys throughout the ranger district, including such hidden gems as Pam's Grotto Falls, Bowers Hollow Falls, and truly the most unique waterfall of them all, Glory Hole Falls.

Several hundred miles of trails exist for the hiker, backpacker, mountain biker, equestrian rider, and even the offroad enthusiast. One of the more unique trails leads to a natural bridge, Alum Cove Natural Bridge, which spans over 120 feet. Other trails lead to scenic areas such as Sam's Throne, Pedestal Rocks, and Hawksbill Crag. For the ATV or dirtbike rider, visit the Brock Creek or Moccasin Gap trail systems. And, for the adventurous backpacker, the Ozark Highlands Trail offers 165 miles of rugged but very scenic adventures.

Four of the five Wilderness Areas found within the Ozark National Forest are located on the Big Piney Ranger District, and protect unique rivers and surrounding areas such as the Upper Buffalo River and Hurricane Creek.

*Currently, there are so many more features and areas within the Big Piney RD than I have had time to photograph, gather information for, and list here. As soon as new information become available, and I am able to gather pictures, I will post those new areas and features here.*

Features & Facilities


  1. Bayou Bluff Campground
  2. Brock Creek Lake Campground
  3. Fairview Campground
  4. Haw Creek Falls Campground
  5. Longpool Campground
  6. Richland Creek Campground

  7. Trails

  8. Alum Cove National Recreation Trail
  9. Brock Creek Trail System
  10. Glory Hole Trail
  11. Hawksbill Crag/Whitaker Point Trail
  12. Koen Interpretive Trail
  13. Moccasin Gap Trail System
  14. Ozark Highlands Trail
  15. Pedestal Rocks/Kings Bluff Trails
  16. Sam's Throne Loop

  17. Swimming Holes

  18. Bayou Bluff
  19. Falling Water Falls
  20. Fort Douglas/Hwy 123
  21. Longpool Campground
  22. Mouth of Graves Creek
  23. Richland Creek Campground

  24. Waterfalls

  25. Adkins Canyon Falls
  26. Amber Falls
  27. Beagle Point Falls
  28. Big Buck Falls
  29. Big Creek Cave Falls
  30. Blue Hole Cascades
  31. Bowers Hollow Falls
  32. Cabin Falls
  33. Car Wash Falls
  34. Compton's Double Falls
  35. Cub Hollow Falls (3)
  36. Deer Trail Falls
  37. Dogwood Falls
  38. Falling Water Falls
  39. Fern Falls
  40. Forever Falls
  41. Fuzzybutt Falls
  42. Glory Hole
  43. Graves Canyon Falls (2)
  44. Green Grotto Falls
  45. Hadlock Cascade
  46. Haley Falls (2)
  47. Hamilton Falls
  48. Haw Creek Falls
  49. Highway 123 Falls
  50. Horsetail Falls (2)
  51. Hudson Shelter Falls
  52. Intersection Falls
  53. Iris Falls
  54. John Mountain Falls
  55. Keefe Falls
  56. Kings Bluff Falls
  57. Ladderbucket Falls
  58. Leaning Log Falls
  59. Lizard Log Falls
  60. Lonesome Hollow Falls
  61. Longpool Falls
  62. Magnolia Falls
  63. Maidenhair Falls
  64. McClure Falls (2)
  65. Mule Trail Falls
  66. Native American Falls
  67. North Fork Road Falls (2)
  68. Pack Rat Falls
  69. Pam's Grotto Falls
  70. Paradise Falls
  71. Penhook Falls
  72. Piney Bowl Falls
  73. Punchbowl Falls
  74. Richland Falls
  75. Rock Creek Bluff Falls
  76. Schoolhouse Falls
  77. Sidewinder Falls
  78. Six Finger Falls
  79. Smith Falls (2)
  80. Stack Rock Homestead Falls
  81. Stahle Falls
  82. Stepp Creek Falls
  83. Swamp Falls
  84. Thousand Kisses Falls
  85. Twin Falls of Richland (2)
  86. V Slot Falls
  87. Voices Falls
  88. Whickey Chute Falls
  89. Wild Burro Falls
  90. Woods Boys Falls

  91. Offroad/ATV Areas

  92. Brock Creek Trail System
  93. Moccasin Gap Trail System

  94. Wilderness Areas

  95. East Fork Wilderness
  96. Hurricane Creek Wilderness
  97. Richland Creek Wilderness
  98. Upper Buffalo Wilderness

  99. Other Areas

  100. Alum Cove Natural Bridge Geologic Area
  101. Pedestal Rocks Scenic Area
  102. Sam's Throne Recreation Area